by Noboru Tsubaki

This painting robot is called VM3.0 and will keep drawing adventitious
pictures on the 10x10 pallet (produced by collecting the upper left images
shown on internet sites) till the end of the 20th century, starting from
January 1, 1998.

It's been working for nealy a half year, but the images shown in January and
Feburary have been withdrawn, being reserved in MO. You cannot see them on
the net at present. It will be possible to show all the images for the
entire three years if I get a bigger hard disk.

But anyway, please access (

The concept :
The Web Robot, which is going to work on net during the very final three
years of this century, itself stands for the 20th century. The picture
which he draws daily depends on the huge volume of archive graphics on the
Net that are running into astronomical figures; he is freed from the spell
of modernity which drives us mad in search of new ideas to bear original
works. He is made only to show off his enormous power to collect vast
information. He is made to be a winner only by obtaining more memories.

His rivals are the Magi that draw out of three basic colors. His supporter
is a computer with 16.7 million colors which keeps adding astronomical
figures at terrific speed.

VM3.0, which stands for an internet-oriented person who obsessively seeks
information, will accidentally produce a new and blessed beauty or vanish
away as a mere and vain tilelayer. The experiment has just been started.

Visit VIRTUAL MEMORY 3.0 (use latest browser available)

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