Mindship International
Presentations and Projects by Scholars

Mindship International invites you to read, view and, in some cases, hear the works created by the artists and scientists who participated in the Mindship seminars held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996. 

Names are listed alphabetically by author or artist.
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Chaitin, Gregory
Elegant LISP Programs (paper)

Chaitin-Chatelin, Françoise,
Mathematics of Life for the Third Millennium: A Mathematical Tale (paper)

Essl, Karlheinz and Sørensen, Vibeke
MindShipMind (multi-media)

Fløgstad, Kjartan,
The Power and the Story: Something Written in the State of Denmark (paper)

Grammer, Karl
The Boundaries of Beauty, Survival Machines and the Beauty of Boundaries (paper)

Happé, Francesca
Autism: Understanding the Mind, Fitting Together the Pieces (paper)

Matos, Jean-Marc
Dance and Technology (paper)

Meyerstein, F. Walter
Is Movement an Illusion? Zeno's Paradox from a Modern Viewpoint (paper)

Møller, Anders Pape
Sexual Selection and the Biology of Beauty (paper)

Sørensen, Vibeke and Essl, Karlheinz
MindShipMind (multi-media)

Tsubaki, Noboru
Web Robot (web site)

Wishart, Trevor
Complexity and Beauty in Music: Some Complications (paper)

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