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Jean-Marc Matos
The K. Danse Company

K.Danse proposes live multimedia performances that integrate technology into dance and emphasizes the passionate relationship between dance, art and science.

It distinguishes itself by the ability to merge performing arts with computer based media (images, music, scenography).

For Jean-Marc Matos, a traveler without borders, a federating artist, each production is a new place where dance dialogues with technology. From computer assisted choreography to the use of images on stage (live and recorded video, interactive computer graphics, films, multi-side projections, ...) and the staging of a dancing robot, via choreography for television and "on line" projects, he offers performances that combine the living with the artificial.

Dance is viewed as an art of synthesis, a multi-dimensional art that allows this integration.

Each production is a renewed encounter with artists from different disciplines (visual artists, film makers, composers, stage designers, dancers) and has offered a creative platform for extensive cooperation with several countries (France since 83, Quebec, Canada 90-91 and 98-99, Pakistan 94-95, Germany 96-97, Mexico 99, ...).

Jean-Marc Matos is of double nationality: French and American. He first graduated as an electronics and computer science engineer then became a dancer in Caracas, Venezuela, and in New York where he received his dance training from Merce Cunningham, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, ...

K.Danse, originally "Jean-Marc Matos and dancers" (New York 1978-1983), was created in 1983 in France after receiving a prize with "Stasis" at the International Choreographic Competition of Bagnolet. First installed in Toulouse, then in Paris since 1992, the company has been receiving continuous support from the French Ministry of Culture and other partners amongst which the AFAA (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Métafort of Aubervilliers, the Foundation Beaumarchais, ...

Jean-Marc Matos
7 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris France

tel/fax: 00 33 1 43 79 15 13

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