A Report from Chris Mann

at the mindship i composed a short text which was then posted on the net as
a sound file. a number of composers downloaded it and set and/or treated it
in some way. 115 of these responses by 62 composers were recently published
as a double cd by frog peak as 'the frog peak collaborations project'. the
site with the sound file no longer exists. the text is

(The reason that something is an example, a fold (how many does it take to
define a problem? (, a predicate)), an economy of virtual knowns, interrupts
the idea of proof (those names of actions and events) that does a shy
redundancy, a wave. Looks like a subject, but. I mean, is
-right- question a question (a parasite that adapts) or no, a science of
quantity, a legal? And the additions? A function. Of represents. Information
after all is that failure of description, an immune system a la
consciousnessed, a parody (a typical number (probability is a product of
real numbers), a base maybe parity in bags) that dags as some inductive
random, a negative it, sit. Like a tautology is a square of the propensity
to explain any point-function as (random is just like absence) a factor (D)
of phantom flickers, a sort of they-type time (it disappoints (dusts)
description) of non-linear possibilities, an avvy quit. Shit. The pragmatics
of ignorance - something (decorative) you do on my time (my reduction is
smaller than than your reduction coz I is a large number) - an abstract
that, an example of itself, a me-too no-risk of refers picks up a difference
on a stick (difference, the first good) and licks (self-evident (a judgement
is a perfect rule)): dear sames, a limbo (game) replica in drag, as names
(deduction is the administration of violence (credit is the history
(interest) of words without history)): claims it (the altruist) I's about.
Conspires. In (surrogate) two's. No doubt it queues.)