Blue Room Presentation by Chris Mann

'I don't hate America. I regret it.' S. Freud

(Morality is the irony of ethics:) Language (Knowledge is that language used
by the self.) does not mean innocence. And the psychology of um names guilt
an it, a comic sit sat set suit position of bees that way. K? Coz not a
qualified speaker. I mean the opposite is only repetition. N words is anyway
chicken. Think themselves subjective coz they know but only one definition
of a word, a negative plot, what's (joe joke) excommunicate - autopsy proxy
and the spots. A question is thus a proposition with intent, an ideal when -
there being no real memory of ignorance. A not. On one leg. A typically it.
Oops. Looks. A negation is only particular, like portable criteria, does
answers by the book. Names sames. The the of that. Stands for. Is this. But
a bunch of saids on the edge of sense took up. Dull understood. A past. And,
being analogous to it's object, blinks. A sum. Of. Demonstration sense, a
pause, now muchs thusness. Too. By foot. The self is so a humble event. At
that evidence requires a motive. I agrees, I guess.
Consciousness, an immune system, defines objects an event (truth the subject
(repetition the last perspective)). Things, virtual signs, thus decorate the
box as conditions. Nominally. (The past, a lazy form of reponsibility, wraps
revelation (it admits) in a not-yet abstracted that and makes of these a
repressed economy of gifts. Chips.) A slogan that grieves (knowledge
(discount objectivity)), an complacent hid: poor me, I says.
Narrative cheap proof is there a sentence. And the post apostrophists? A
loop the loop. A a-decision-is-a-form-of-madness betrays (on using you to
prove guilt:) (owes hope) (got no business with the witness (though silence
do perve)) a pissy whinge (That ignorance is a form of irony ain't like), a
pink. A saying is a tautology. It is an adjective. (On being a context, a
password with a stick: please). All examples is fat. And the sames? Mine be
an alibi. Code. Aleatory (huh?) me.
Lists and the limits of identity (you know, sceptics and the price of drugs)
(pragmatism is a fair definition of time): structure is that form of
explanation used by the narrative poor, an each way bet (experience and the
privileging of weak thought) on yet. Plastic tactic opportunis. Scepticism
is therefore an immanence, a model (reduction (a dialectic (the negative in
hats))) tech, best. Context. Deaf. (The past of course has no past.)
(Sublimation and the exits.) That. (Omens and other bits of string. Amend.)
Justice and the knee-deep stories: oh, aye?
Action, a slow query, transcends the adequate (too true) (and being neither
is nor it, is its along), a quasi me-too subject (that a sentence is
unrepeatable doesn't make it private) that buts. Knowledge is only moral.
Explanation, truth on two legs, wets itself by trying to agree (juxtapose,
the jamies) (we with) (One of the attractions of you of course is that it's
portable.): an answer, a rent logic thing, a self in necessity, a measure.
Medium. (Facts pathos the other as some sort of word, a causal debt. To
event. I dunno coz I forget. You call that when? I mean - the charity of
context - words are that part of a sentence that make it so/true.) Do too.
(Anyway she's so far up she's jealous of herself, an a la pun (English is a
metaphor for sense. It can't sub.).) All problems are prosthetic.
Obituaries. So a decision is a form of knowledge. For example. The symptom
and the solipsist. Bum. Existentially we me.
Itchy anxy. Fuck. The looker is a fiction with. A subtler. (Symptoms is a
bag of satisfactions.) Which suggests. (Demand desire and denial, three D
inductions (a pathology of explanation (a placebo absence)) rent (help) the
dick of any sentence with:) My client the good time (and the medicalisation
of fraud): All facts are neurotic. Bad facts are very neurotic. (Sex is a
dull prophylactic. It is however cheaper than memory. A criminal is someone
who means what they say. Paranoia is only a paradox to the unwed.) Known-by
wins of - the same as some sort of cure - vis a vis the biz (and on the
suicide of the mirror (knowledge as a blind spot):) of tis. Repression
(satisfaction, agency (the truth of pleasure)) likes to represent (to be, a
purient not-yet). Says excuse is weak exploitation. Of when. (Objects is
cheap negative.) An is so (so is not a mind (a pathology of recognition))
though sublimates by getting wet (On words (On being a difference)): oh my.
A catatonic narcissism, a categoric noun of kleptoes, a responsibility that
compensates, a rhyme, describes that knowledge defined as law, right? An
it-resists. In mimicries. (It, being real, is impossible.) A victimise. What
ransoms cruelty (narrative is the trangression of language) by dumping a for
the, a romance of the same, betrays hypocrisy and (Ode to the that of
paraody:) one two three noun, an apathy. (But as a metaphor for self (some
symbolic loss) you're too cute by half.) An aesthetic (official violence)
for which a question is a style. Smile. And for some other thing type
reason, use. Fascist. Masochist. And you. What exists in the form of a
denial. A complicit. A complacent. And the tautologous not-yets. Dear me,
My cunt is a quote. On holidays. Does (name calling) subject as judgement, a
functionalist pass, autonomous, luck. We wean. Cause is thus it's absence,
toy choice, bib and tuck. Stupid, but. An on occaision (a null) dialectical
wank that will have. Happened. A result. Rejection is therefore as mere
hallucination, a price (what is the past of price), an experience, as/of
reason, an event. My my the alibi, a status quo on crutches, likes. To reify
negation. A gusset doubt. Smuggles up. An indifferent definition. That it
thereby transcends. A fatalist. A maybe of anomalous malingering. An
indignant. Vulgar piety. Suggests. Chicken. Or on the psychology of the
stubbed toe: An incipient with an instinct for context: synthesis - analysis
plus nits. Delinquent analogies, language is the impossibility of speech.
Excuse me,
Desire is the vindictive form of irony. It adapts. Adopts. The gimmickry of
nots. An adjective. Adept. The syndrome of the unknown thought, an object:
and as the rello of being (a yellow self) (a deduced need, a revelation), a
the then (experience is trying to screw something out of the subject), a
pathos (and the prudes (positivists all (a silent majority))) of the too
much this thus, an embezzled... and words were sposed to be the therapy of
language? A pronoun is a slogan - I is the metaphor for you (the
sentimentalising of the self) - that makes of habit a necessity, ie an art,
an experience-is-only-logical confession of some a priori (ideal) re me: b
be (my more, the story) plagiarises use. As while. A presentation. Of ae be.
Interrogates. Per pa parasite. A pathology of objects. A transference. That
repeats. Qua da. That agreement is a truth. Dating (ta) the ain'ts (a?) and
other croaks: a packet of exploits. (On other acts: (an adequate (buys
clients) sake, an intent (that which makes knowledge circular), dresses here
examples) merely me-ly m'own (I the more or less polite form of begging the
question), a thingummy type witness. In the know. Like some dumb fib.
Displaced. (That consciousness require a self, an adverb, is too silly for
words. I mean blah is not a motive.) Frustration and other fears of the
reflexive (the past of explanation) thus, you know, fact up. As some sort of
gift. A cause. In a tiz. Ill and very. And the founds. (On overtime:) Out. A
too right, tight, it selves itself. About. Bait. A name but is not a name, a
teacher's pet, and makes of negation a matter of vocabulary, a pension
please. And the theoretical quirtks? You gotta be kidding. I
mean a witness is only evidence, a bodgy hell. What mimes rhymes, a
one-complacent-two type sym, a represents, a kiss coz particularist on reas.
N numb (common sense) numbers? Like any act is universal (a bad example (the
mind is a drug)), a mnemonic 'nough? With string? The psychology of the
fact, an ambiguous repetition (or truth) substitutes so knowledge for the
act, a stupidly sufficient. An ego. On approxs. (Logic is one not very long
apology (kitsch and the resposibilities). It takes short hostages:) You is
always guilty of doing what I need you to do. And not speaking that one was
not a fact. Like not-yet is a form of consciousness (meaning as object), an
(and) act - it intuits intent. On it's knees. I E it mees.
Betrays a look. (Ambiguity is only anyway equal.) A sentimental. Liable. (On
meanings as tools (I mean existence defines itself existence): a bit
interested. (The possible requires other. Than.)) Such that understanding be
a form of realisation. A dag. In happies (some luck) sat. Empty neggy, an. A
need in britches. A predict. On data. A doc. Agreement is one of those early
technologies that define context as ideal, a dropped fact, (The crutched
reductionist buttered up a thing (a deduce on toast) with what the little
shit left out, a cargo cult of explains and rigs, a practised doubt.) the
mafs of ain't. Quaint. Like numbers is only subjective some of the time.
(Like when they're true. Or think. A self on two legs. An opine. I mean
justice is in no way causal. (Things, mate is sceptical.) they's used. A
subject is a form, a do, with debs. Set. An immanence of objects, allows the
means a consciousness, a psychology of 'sumes: (On being saved from what you
want (knowledge is/as the paradox is/as/of love (to look for is the negative
of look (sook))): the ideal of objects, hypnotics, tics and optics is better
ends, a symptom (cure) (knowledge is that failure that bites) that bits.
Spot, sic em. The self that envies (maybe is pretty sexy) itself - coz it
likes (to wait), a cheap dependence (pain is that apology that comes in
boxes): I see. Really. And the hypocrites. And the jealous distractions.
Subtle. And the use. And irony is only a form of knowledge, of suggests, a
security of loss, a sullen (latin) satin (knowing is something you do behind
it's back, a you-beaut substitute), me mean. And I denies. Apathy apathy
quack. An anaesthetic begs the question. A pathology of that, an evidence.
(A symptomatology of the explains? A colony? Shutup and start talking.)
Truth and the bored sadists: durable guilts (glitzy gloss lots picks (see
saw sinny) fits t fix (incest and other bests)) seem (and the limits of
interpretation) to this a bit too much. Tough. And, suffering an excess of
meaning, seemed repetitious. It failed to be criteria. Or time. A sponsor of
mere use. A possible. Object. The last word. A tease. (The advantage of
nexts - not knowing - is thus particularly sentimental.) Music, on the other
hand, likes to compete with the past. Coz it's left over. Two f'. -s/-ests
as -ed in (so (coz it's only bigger than it has to be)) -ing 'd know perhaps
(jus like a dog) (so so and the subjunctives (so no smug and the common
sense (nameless) mnemonics of convenience)): suffix. The hyphen - the false
is of course not known - calls up a comma full of lawyers, a criterion in
pants (some same fallibles sum) that up (Events is just attempts to avoid
mistakes, a thing in toos.) implies (there being no such fact) denies. And
being independent of what may put it now and then in doubt it much. And
somewhere between the subject and the fact. And. (That wants to hide facts
from experience. To insure objects as facts.) La tax. (Like symptoms is
criteria. Def'nit'ns for tea.) As proxies. I mean a sock is not (yet) a no
state of affairs. Contexts (absence, a form of justice) makes of this
inheritance (this, a docile then, an axiom in 'xamples does not), a soon
what gotten seen to, a commerce possible remains, a front. But (the (yet)
list) is not a question, a to-be cue of coo queues as class as past, a
given. Alibi that! As bias. A too t deja vu. A plural yous. From. -ly.
(Right.) (On not seeing what's not there to see: use (Two may indeed behave
as if it's really two.), a nurse (otherwise, a la intent, it just
represents).) But as the patient of language, a subject is quite economic.
What is a proper noun. It is subjective. May be stupid. And it lends. (It
might rain.) A function. Representation - cheap distance (I mean it knows) -
thus begs the question Says you and who's army? It and ain't yet evidence.
It ain't yet about. That forgives the gift. Us (The arbitrary of answer
admits no indeterminate questions, no complacent ain'ts, nor no's. It it's
(the self some form of irony), an argument as example, a refer.) bus. Regret
and the ally (flaccid) can anonym tautology (a self) as (poss) contradicts,
a butt in to goss. Action thus holds sentences together, a glib motive
(so-that starts on the far side of answers), a rep, in tents. Rational tat.
It itches. And seems to do. Per se. (The experimentalist, a hollow
behaviourist, waits. Positively. On the false experience. Pats facts. Jacks.
A pragmatics. Logic, ipso ego, chat. The psychology of it.)). Stupidity is
(thus) a method, an ontology on speed. A mine.
Being of another mind, the fails require. (You mistakes being for intention
- only we lie by saying nothing - a beautiful need.) So, the aesthetics of
proof, price is ideal - the ides of evidence, culpable dues (Association is
a form of synthesis, an illness of decision, an obvious uncompromised by
being understood, a crock.). Bot. Existence, a symptom of things, modests
some patchy hesitants, a cozish prozak fat. (And the motives? An allergy.
Yes, reason is transcendent. Like any list.) That prattles on. A condition
that betrays. A sceptic ulcer. That like negation says the same thing thing.
Already. I mean, cock, a word is not a clock, some ulterior past of
interest, a pluperfect fallacious, a smuggled paradox, as qua as (What is
the verb of there?) air. (Consciousness - the more or less transparent
attempt to avoid what you know - is the proposition that forgetting is
particular (silent, like the P in swimming), a passively inadequate (Some
messianic now (experience as a form of ecstatic), dobs. A system, an absence
that has no symbol (politics fucks)) satisfied. And, having rights to the
possible, it distributes violence by way of subjects to prove chit
untranslatable, a superstitious nonplussed um, a suss-muchs success, of my
mart, a privileged present of protected expectations, precedents and
tampons, an immune. Description, the autonomy of said system, fingers the
event. As ends. With spoons.) The adequation of the real, a normative repeat
(it defines and justifies) looks la continuum as cause, a positivist's fit.
Why? Did I?
For example, red is a theory of time without a present. It has opinions.
(The present is that form of closure required for knowns. It is the
possibility of justice that makes it real, a victim-as-predicate not-yet, a
nominal refer.) And it denies (a calculus) the idea as ideal.
(Sentimentality yes, but there's no irony in shit - capitalism is the price
you pay when you're not buying anything - existence is non-reflexive, it is
not a good example of itself, an infinition in evers, an exec.) (An event
horizon, a bottom line on ads, adds facts (facts is that that has a self)
(the metaphor as wowser) too. To the memory of more.) There is of course, I
mean, no right to privacy - you (the other side of being (language is an
allegory for saying something)) is just one of those things. The real, some
sort of credit (numbers and the rhetoric of cause), pets examples, plays
dead - things, you know, don't just go straight to heaven. Single simulacra,
the cannibal salvation is a parody of two, a turgid noun in trouser, an in
imperative of cloys what fills the bills, an ontological gee joe ego of
tatty actuals and boys, a modesty of. Oh, good, prac, reason gots to be the
unreasonable defense of the subject, the conscious object, a conditional
you. Did too. And it shows. The righteous narrative. An other butter. (Truth
is that aspect of crack, it thinks that. (That use be ontologically wrong
stays cute. (That identity remain the case ain't news.))) A whatsit do-dah
clitty stutter. Self-presence smiles. Um, I
Only the non-ego is capable of thought. It humiliates what it denies (pain
is a portable faith (to the extent that it's not identical with itself, that
it's paranoid, outside of space, does it do)), a rationalised aesthetic off
of an ideally infected need. (A noun is that part of the same (an idea is a
subject) (identity is that form of difference that is the same) that
interrupts, an indifferent, representational violence: a right. Which claims
the else a sign. (That subjects have rights. Mine.))
Syntax is not a unionist. An adjective, but. On credit. You can tell. To be
is outside thought. (A safety.) Context is a pain in the bum. A bland
appropriation. An immanence. Willful is not the right word. A dub. (The
question of the question is no more pious than justice, duplicity on a stick
(That the real be rational, a patent truth, means the subject's an unethical
idea), a sceptic.) (On the ontology of no: so, one two three go:) Reason is
that form of practical faith required of nags, a crook altruist: dear
precedent, how are you I am fine and I go to: a fallibilist says cheese:
bot. Some other, a more, on norms, is thus a witness, dob, that feigns
amnesias (ethics is the not-yet (The self is that form of an example that
sets)): wanna bet. Kept. Bully for you. I mean just because you agree with
me doesn't make you right. Anyway, it's your shout. Happiness is a form of
conceptual blasphemy. Mug. And stubby. A chakra suck. P'party. A martyr. In
mock mourning. A resigned sign. In suicide. A mess. Best. There is they say.
An incest. A proxy. On autonomy. A nope. Ignorance is that language that
leaves no marks. It would like to apologise. And behaving as it should it of
course ceases to exist. A be come karma karmic holiday, a balloon. Wants to
the lot. To soon.