Mindship International Scholars in Action

We want to list events and exhibits in which Mindship International Scholars participate, as well as any publications by Mindship participants and any other newsworthy items. We need your help to keep this page current.  Please let us know what you are doing!

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Here is some news we received recently (most recent revision May 27, 1998):

Pall Einarrson is presently at the University of Cambridge on a sabbatical leave. He says he will be "back in Iceland attending volcanoes and other disasters in late July." (received 5/27/98)

Don Foresta has been working with a group interested in arts and industry, which has, among other things, drafted the Souillac Charter for Arts and Industry.  Read more at the following sites:

(received 5/27/98)

Francesca Happé has a new position as Senior Scientist in Cognitive Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry in London (news received 5/29/98).

Chris Mann submitted a Blue Room Presentation and a report (received 5/29/98)

Noboru Tsubaki has submitted a web site, Virtual Memory 3.0 (updated 6/1/98)

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